To all our valued Customers, Partners, Suppliers,
As the current COVID-19 pandemic escalates presenting increased challenges to all, we would like to confirm that TEG remains open and available to support you in your day to day operation.

TEG is nominated as a critical service provider in the fight against the pandemic and we are doing everything possible to manufacture critical components.
We have updated our response with further measures to mitigate against possible impacts to our services and our dedicated staff as a direct response to the new state restrictions that came into operation this weekend:

  • Extensive Sanitation – Wipe down of surfaces and handles – Utilization of hand sanitizer, Extra cleaning staff and new updated check list added.
  • Engineering team and others working from home to now include most departments where staff are office based.
  • Product & Packaging Wipe Down – Prior to Site Delivery.
  • Strict Visitor Access with notice to all sales representatives that no visits are permitted.
  • Safe distancing in the canteen and offices with stricter instructions ensuring that no unnecessary visits to offices or quality rooms should take place.
  • Staff returning from overseas from this weekend refrain from returning to our facility for the new term of 4 weeks after landing in Ireland. We currently have no one travelling for work or vacation.
  • Staff with colds or flu-like symptoms leave immediately, self-isolate and call their doctor.
  • Some student employees are home reducing the number of bodies onsite. This has now been revised to include these students to work shifts to ensure that we support the Covid-19 fight with extended hours which also reduces the numbers who work together at any given time.
  • Our directors are working alternative on site/home patterns to reduce risk should either one get infected.

Our service and schedule slipped initially as we adjusted, however we are now getting back on track.

Our supply chain is unaffected, but we do expect extended lead times as events unfold.

Our experience is that courier service is ‘hit and miss’ at the moment and in many situations, we have hired direct delivery in agreement with our customer, for local customers.

Our customers sites are mainly closed to visitors and in instances where we need information, we are working with clients on alternatives for the on-site work we need to perform – parts scanning, measurements, etc.

We are doing FAT by means of video, conference calls or shared files.

Our focus is to support you in as normal a manner as possible while still adhering to best practice directives.