TEG Have a new state of the art testing facility in Ireland for simulating your parts washing equipment for coverage testing.

Using Riboflavin and UV light we have developed ways to test very accurately the performance of your racks before shipping them, resulting in a ‘plug and play’ set of equipment when they arrive onsite.

Our Validation documentation is best in class with our dedicated team of engineers generating the detailed drawings and Engineering Turnover Packages (ETOP) for each project. Depending on the level of support documentation required, we can offer some or all of the following for each project:

Section Description
1 System Description
2 Equipment Index
3 Equipment Requisitions
4 Equipment Specifications
5 Purchase Orders
6 General Arrangement
7 Component Cut Sheet
8 Bill of Materials
9.1 Material Certifications / Mill Certs
9.2 Detail Sheets
10 Test Instrument Calibration Certs
11 Change Control Procedures
12 Test Results and Certs
13 Welding Procedure Certification
14 Welder Qualification Qualification
15 Weld Inspection Records
16 Weld Maps
17 Passivations Records, Procedure, Etc.
18 Recommended Spare parts list
19 Isometric Drawing List
20 Name Plate Data

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