We understand time is of the essence

Delays are not acceptable especially during busy periods when aircraft are going through the hangar nose to tail.

TEG offers the following support to MRO’s.

  • Passenger and Cabin Attendant Seats
  • Galleys and Lavatory compartment repairs
  • Passenger cabin furnishings
  • Cargo equipment
  • Structural fabrications
  • Aircraft kits
  • Galley worktops and latches
  • Aircraft skins
  • Seat tracks
  • Row 44 and GOGO Antenna Removal using Boeing Service Bulletin
  • ATR Roller Conveyor for Freight Aircraft
  • Emergency light lenses for A320
  • Titanium seat tracks
  • Process Support
  • Precision measuring
  • Anodizing
  • Extended Workbench Capability

Additional Aviation services

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