TEG have the latest metrology equipment for Inspection, measuring and reverse engineering your components.

Coupled with our engineering team’s experience and advanced 3D software packages we can design and manufacture spare/replacement critical components in hours. All TEG Manufacturing takes place in our facilities in Mullingar, Ireland so expedited lead times are no problem for us.

Spare and format parts

TEG can replicate a spare part or variation of a format part to help you get back up and running quickly or as an alternative supplier to the OEM. We have all the latest equipment for measuring:

  • Material hardness and material composition/grade,
  • 3D laser scanning for dimensional accuracy.
  • The original finishing and plating can be determined and duplicated or a suitable equivalent of better can be specified.
  • Surface roughness.
  • Electrical characteristics.
  • Detailed dimensional variation analysis.

Additional Bio-Pharmaceutical services

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