Your aircraft may be older, with legacy parts no longer supported by the OEM, you have a need for an alternative aircraft parts suppliers, you can stop looking for aircraft parts companies – you have found your partner.

TEG have the turnkey solution you are searching for, with all the capabilities in house to reverse engineer any original aircraft part or component and the software to create the dataset.

Whether it is an aging aircraft issue or a military aircraft parts suppliers need, aircraft owner/operators/lessors/MRO’s can be confident in TEG .

Aging aircraft eventually show signs of fatigue and aircraft parts can show signs of corrosion.

TEG identify the material and surface treatments, of these legacy aircraft parts, create the model and engineering drawings while appointing and managing DOA for airworthiness approval of design. Legacy parts are an area of unmatched expertise at TEG with EASA Part 21(G) Approval to allow aircraft parts to be released with an EASA Form 1.

A number of Original Equipment Manufacturers use TEG to supply legacy parts for their after sales market. TEG is an approved vendor to Bombardier, Raytheon, BAE Systems & Airbus. These aircraft manufacturers recognise the advantages of using TEG in this role, appreciating the fast response, high quality and willingness to supply small volumes.