Galley KSSU to Atlas Conversion Kit

galley KSSU

An operator wanted to standardise their fleet and convert a galley from KSSU carts to Atlas standard containers.

TEG was to provide the service bulletin and kit to perform this task.

A TEG team surveyed the aircraft and designed a modification kit which included hinged shelves, intermediate latching, cooling duct panels, rub-strips, bumpers, and placards.

The production and installation drawings, modification service bulletin and Illustrated Parts Catalogue supplement were prepared and approved by TEG’s EASA approved Design Organisation.

The kit was manufactured in TEG’s facilities including machining, forming, anodising and final assembly. The kits were released with an EASA Form 1 from TEG’s EASA Approved Production Organisation.

If you require this or similar modifications to your aircraft, contact TEG for your solution.

atlas conversion kit
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